More about me

Guest Lectures & Seminars
  • Guest lecturer, “Employee Assistance Programs” (April 10th, 2018): Bilgi University, Turkey.
  • Guest speaker, “Measuring EQ” (January 25th, 2018): Turkish Women's International Network.
  • Guest speaker, “Being a Woman in Business” (December 22nd, 2017): Bahcesehir University Psychology Club, Turkey.
  • Guest speaker, “Cross-Cultural Communication: Turkey vs. USA”(August 26th, 2016): Class of Prof. Alfredo Behrens as a virtual guest speaker, FIA Business School, São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Seminar on “Subgroup Formation in Multinational Teams: Do Birds of a Feather Flock Together?”(May 26th, 2016): Koc University, Turkey.
  • Guest speaker, “Being a Woman in Business” (February 16th, 2016): Koc University Psychology Club, Turkey.
  • Guest lecturer, Industrial/Organizational Psychology (December 3rd, 2015): “Being an I/O Psychologist in the Field”, Bahcesehir University, Turkey.
  • Guest speaker, “Understanding Working People” (March 29th, 2014): Istanbul Commerce University, Turkey.
  • Seminar on “Attitudes toward Expatriates” (April 9th, 2013): Bahcesehir University, Turkey
  • Guest lecturer, Introductory Psychology (April 7th, 2011): “Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology”, DePaul University, USA.
  • Guest lecturer, Psychology of Business and Industry (May 19th, 2009):Stress and Worker Well-Being”, DePaul University, USA.
Reviewer Positions
  • European Management Review (Ad hoc reviewer)
  • International Journal of Human Resource Management(Ad hoc reviewer)
  • Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (Ad hoc reviewer)
  • Sage Open (Ad hoc reviewer)
  • Europe’s Journal of Psychology (Sep’09 – Sep’16)
  • Journal of European Psychology Students (Sep’08 – Sep’16)
Last but not least...
  • Married with one son and two cats
  • Amateur calligrapher
  • Amateur pen collector